Tropical Pressure Festival

Tropical Pressure Festival

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A slightly unique one for OPA and a complete deviation away from renewable energy. However, it was a real pleasure to secure full planning permission for the Tropical Pressure Festival at Porthtowan Ecopark. Gareth and his family have attended this festival every year so it was an honor to be asked to step in at the last minute to help secure the planning permission so it could take place for the first time since COVID-19. OPA helped to secure planning permission for a further 5 years so that the community of Cornwall and OPA can continue to get their fix of music Latin American, African and Caribbean music. The festival is always held in the middle of July and the whole team at OPA attend, so expect a short delay and lack of email response during this time whilst the team enjoys some downtime relaxing and dancing the days (and nights) away on a hilltop overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

Tropical Pressure festival

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